Improve your performance through better communication

Communication is vital to establishing your credibility, developing trust and moving others to action.

Improving your communication skills will make you more confident in every aspect of your life. It will make you more effective in all you do.

The good news? Everyone can improve their ability to communicate with the right support. Through training and coaching, you'll discover ways to be more engaging and influential. More yourself.


Whether using technical, business or creative language, Chris Huet knows how to communicate.

He has led a fighter jet squadron, negotiated billion-dollar contracts and performed his poetry on stages around the world.

Chris draws on practical experience and the latest research to help you inform, excite and persuade your audiences.

One of our programs was going through performance challenges and a breakdown in relationships with our customer. We asked Understood Consulting Services to help improve communication within our organisation and with others in the program. Chris Huet was able to quickly develop rapport with our team, and get to the root of our communication problems, providing insights that have already improved program performance. We are implementing all of his recommendations to improve communication quality and flow, to rebuild trust across our program. I highly recommend Chris as an expert in improving organisational performance through better


Wing Commander David Hood

Department of Defence

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We learn best by doing. Coaching allows you to identify your own communication goals and supports you as you work towards them. 

Chris provides one-on-one and team coaching services to improve your communication, public speaking and listening skills.

His individually-tailored coaching services give you the power to become a better communicator.


Tailored learning sessions get your team talking, creating and working together.

Improve your team's communication skills and effectiveness through interactive and engaging workshop sessions.

Chris delivers standalone half-day, full and two-day workshops. He can also integrate communications skills development into broader leadership, strategy or training days.


Get your event off to a great start with a stimulating session on conversation and connection.

Chris is an experienced and exciting speaker who combines stories, neuroscience and poetry to create better communicators.

Starting off with one of Chris's presentations helps attendees make the most of their networking and learning opportunities through your event.



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