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Hi, I'm Chris Huet

I help people speak with the precision of a fighter pilot and the passion of a poet. 


I am a communications coach, mentor and speaker with over thirty years' experience in public and private sector leadership and technical and creative communication. I draw on practical knowledge and the latest research to help leaders speak more effectively.


I have led a fighter jet squadron, negotiated billion-dollar contracts and performed my poetry on stages around the world. As well as being a fighter pilot, successful consultant and business development manager, I am an award-winning spoken word artist and two-time TEDx presenter.


My unique combination of experience with technical, business and creative communication has taught me the power of words in all their forms to inform, excite and persuade others.

Certifications & Qualifications

Certified Level 1 Leadership and Organisational Coach

Associate Fellow of the Institute of Managers and Leaders


Master of Management Studies (Human Resource Management)

Master of Management in Defence Studies

Bachelor of Arts (Management and Economics)

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