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Get your team talking to each other

High performance comes from open, honest and regular communication

Energise your team with an interactive and engaging learning program.

Using the latest approaches to adult learning, Chris combines workshops with group and individual coaching to achieve high performance.


By investing in your team’s communication, its performance will improve, regardless of the pressures you face.

Ask Chris to tailor a program to fit your goals.

Here are some ways you can boost your people's communication



The skills that Chris spoke about were specific, practical and realistic and very relevant to our Group as we communicate in our workplaces and with our clients.


Chris clearly knew and practised his subject matter in an enjoyable address. 

I highly commend him for your training needs.


Thank you so much for your presentation on Thursday – it was insightful, with loads of take-aways, and incredibly practical.

Communication skills

Do you sometimes feel no one is listening to you? Would you like more influence in your work? Are you suddenly required to speak more in public?

Communication is one of the highest-rated skills for employees in the information age. Our success relies on our ability to motivate our people, share ideas and persuade others to act. Whether you're leading a team, implementing change or pitching an idea,  this training is perfect for you.

Unleashing your inner poet

Would you like to be more creative and connected in your communication? Do you slip into repeating the same clunky words—the rusty chains of cliché, the manacles of management speak?

Poets look at familiar things in new ways and share surprising connections with our audiences. Thinking like a poet sparks your creativity and originality, making your words stand out.

Presentation skills

Do you need to present to an audience, pitch to an investor or brief a committee? Do you want to be known as a great speaker, excite your audience and convey memorable messages?  


Learn the techniques of great presenters so you can escape the tedium of death-by-PowerPoint and become a confident, sought-after speaker.

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